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Downtown New York Hotels is excited to welcome you to the glamorous city center of New York, for an overall eclectic tour.
Downtown New York Hotels gathered for you the most useful information about the best options for getting around, shopping, dining, fun, and relaxation in a lively city center with plenty of things to see.

As your most reliable guide, Downtown New York Hotels is waiting for you right in the heart of New York.

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About Downtown New York

Downtown New York Hotels welcomes you to one of the most popular areas in the world, mainly characterized by eclectism in what concerns fun, art, style, sophistication, glamour, eccentricity, and actually all the words you can think of when you simply say New York.
It is difficult to delimitate the area of Downtown New York, but you’ll immediately get a sense of it once you find yourselves in ones of its unforgettable areas.

As such, Downtown New York Hotels provides you with some details about each of its representative areas: Chelsea and Gramercy are both residential areas, while the latter is quite exclusivist and has a park only for its inhabitants, followed by Flatiron, a small area, part of Chelsea and Gramercy and the new “shopping area” in Manhattan; MPD stands for Meat Packing Area, and is in development, Greenwich Village/ West Village is known as the area of “Café” and “Jazz”, an artistic and cultural spot, Astor Place, a center of downtown culture and art, while NoHo is one of the most expensive and desirable neighborhoods in Manhattan, East Village, a mixture of all the crazy things you can see, then SoHo, known as the town of arts, Little Italy, Lower East Side, Tribeca (Triangle Below Canal) which became the modern artistic area, Chinatown, small, but with a strong growing Chinese community, actually the largest in the United States, and finally Lower Manhattan, the business area in New York City.

DDowntown New York is a great place to live in as well as to experience during a few days because it gathers 400 years of history, while also constantly looking further into the future. These two dimensions blend in an absolutely spectacular way in its famous neighborhoods with their own peculiar attractions that Downtown New York Hotels invites you to discover step by step.
All in all, Downtown New York Hotels recommends you to grant some time for a taste of the city center of New York that has it all.